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WHO THE SEMINARS ARE FOR: The QED Law revision seminars are open to all students on LLB and GDL/CPE programmes. Drawing on their experience as examiners and lecturers on LLB and GDL / CPE courses at UK universities and colleges the lecturers will provide:

  • Clarification of the key issues and most frequently examined topics in core law subjects
  • Advice on technique in answering questions in law exams - how to structure answers
  • Valuable insight into what examiners are looking for when marking law exams.


The QED Law 2016 revision programme will be published in the autumn. If you would like to receive updates and alerts when the timetable is published and information about early booking discounts please subscribe here. You may unsubscribe at any time and, of course, your details will not be shared.
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The Tort and Trust seminars were very helpful. The materials given are so useful, giving accurate summaries that will be easy to learn and base revision around. I cannot think of anything that could be improved. Many thanks. Briony Chamberlain, LLB, Kings College London
"I found all 5 of the QED seminars which I attended to be well worth the time and money." Anne Taylor, GDL, City University
Tracey Aquino had a fantastic delivery, and it was clear from the ease with which she clarified and explained the controversies of Tort law, that she has had many years of teaching experience. This enabled her to transfer her knowledge in the most effective and student-friendly manner. I certainly gained a sense of confidence and a fresh outlook as to how to approach problem questions in exams. Thank you for such a great opportunity! Alexandra Bamban, LLB, University of Surrey
Thank you so much for yesterdays lectures. I found them both to be extremely helpful - enhancing my overall understanding, and a great contribution to my revision. Annabel Bowen-Hopkins, LLB, Newcastle University
The Contract course was particularly good. The tutor had exceptional knowledge. She identified the most important principles and key authorities for revision. Her presentation style made the five hours pass quickly. Martin Brown, GDL, University of Law (formerly College of Law)
"The Land seminar was excellent. Very well structured and thorough. Contract was also excellent. I left feeling I had a very good overview of the syllabus and how to go about tackling my revision. EU was very informative. Previously this subject was merely a mass of unconnected facts and dates so I found the contextual explanantions in particular useful and informative." Anthony Evans Pughe, GDL, University of Law (formerly College of Law)



BOOK BY TELEPHONE: Call 020 8144_ 2323

Email: info@qedlaw.co.uk

I found the Tort, Trusts and Land seminars extremely useful. I have always found the QED seminars extremely useful. They always help build my confidence before my exams. Angelica May Sumang-Luong, LLB, Brunel University
"I graduated with a first and highly recommend QED Law to any student looking for excellent revision sessions and brilliant private tuition. I attended the revision seminars every spring throughout my degree and found them extremely helpful. I found the lecturers to be very knowledgeable, approachable and keen to help. I would encourage any student to book sessions with the QED Law team. Rachel Akodu, LLB, University of London International Programmes (External)
"The Contract and Criminal seminars were very helpful. They both covered the topics as I had hoped them to be done and I feel much more confident with questions in those areas. Also the notes provided were brilliant and have been a great revision aid." Sam Flood, LLB, Kings College London
"The revision sessions in Tort, EU and Law of Trusts were fantastic. I've genuinely never been taught in such a coherent manner." Suzanne El Hawary, LLB, UEA
The Land Law seminar was very useful thanks! The tutor made things clear and covered the right amount of material. I would recommend it, especially to someone struggling on exam technique or the structure of Land Law. Abigail Nicholls, LLB, University of Bristol
"I will certainly recommend these seminars to fellow students for next year. They have been invaluable." Angela Dack, LLB, University of Essex
Thanks again for the very helpful revision sessions in Contract, Tort, Land and Trusts. The sessions were extremely helpful and well delivered and helped to consolidate and refresh my understanding of each of the core subject areas in readiness for my exams - I just wish I had known about them last year! Robin Canning, LLB, Open University

ABOUT QED LAW The QED Law team have considerable experience as Senior and Principal Lecturers and Examiners on both LLB and GDL/CPE programmes at UK universities and colleges and have been providing revision seminars since 2004.

"Never have I learned so much in such a short space of time - I gained a real understanding of the topics covered , an impressive number in the available time, as well as invaluable exam focus. For the first time I actually feel I know what examiners are looking for - amazingly, never spelt out before by my course providers. The latest case briefings were invaluable & the course materials were of such quality & explanatory in nature that (unusually for me) I continue to retain the information." Tara McHale GDL BPP Law School
"I found the Contract revision lesson invaluable. Anne Street was friendly and gave students concise and easy manageable chunks of the syllabus to use as a tool to revise. The Tort Lecture was in depth and the tutor clearly had a passion for her subject. It was great and worth every penny. I would definitely recommend QED Law Revision." Lisa Lloyd, GDL, University of Law (formerly College of Law)
"The Criminal seminar last Sunday was really fantastic. The class was very informative and I would without hesitation recommend it." Atik Kitani, GDL, City University

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"Trusts was fantastic - thanks." Amber Slamaite, LLB, University of Cambridge
"I thought that the Criminal Law revision session was extremely helpful and informative, with great focus on exam and revision techniques, clarifying the key issues. The tutor was fantastic." Emma McKie, LLB, Queen Mary, University of London
"The revision seminar was the perfect complement to the final stages of exam preparation. I think we all emerged ready to tackle our revision with increased confidence and enthusiasm. I thoroughly recommend it." Simon Ramsden, GDL, BPP Law School
The EU seminar on Saturday was very useful and has definitely put me on the right road to revision. And Tracey's Law of Tort revision seminar was excellent. She kept it interesting and relevant whilst making clear the cases and issues that need to be considered for every type of problem. Susan Clark, LLB, University of Surrey

SYLLABUSES For the topics to be covered click here

"Thank you ever so much for the Land Law and EU Law seminars, I found them both extremely useful, and do not think I would be adequately prepared for my exams without them. " James Lindley, LLB, University of Exeter
"The courses you provide are excellent value for money and an integral part of revision strategy. I have happily recommended the courses to a number of students over the years." Nicci Hilson, LLB, University of London International Programmes (External)